Collaborative law is a fast-growing and revolutionary approach to assist divorcing couples reach amicable solutions without court intervention.

With the aid of specially trained lawyers and other trained mental health professionals and financial professionals as needed, the client’s attention is focused on new ways to solve their family problems.

To maximize the potential for creative problem-solving and amicable resolution, each client contracts with his or her attorney not to engage in litigation. There is a promise that if good-faith negotiating fails, after every effort at consensus-building is explored, or if any party fails to disclose all pertinent information, then the collaborative process ends. The collaborative attorneys must withdraw and new counsel for each party must be retained to litigate instead of collaborate.

Barbara S. Worth will use her expertise and training as a lawyer and with a background in education and personal development to help her client understand the collaborative divorce process. She will encourage realistic goals and expectations which will facilitate resolution through negotiating and problem-solving.

The Collaborative Law Process can work for you and your spouse if:

  • You behave in a respectful and ethical manner toward each other to work out the terms of your divorce.
  • You value a negotiated solution that meets the legitimate needs of both you and your spouse.
  • You commit your intelligence and energy toward creative problem solving rather than revenge.